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Essential role of MCM proteins in premeiotic DNA replication.

A critical event in eukaryotic DNA replication involves association of minichromosome maintenance (MCM2-7) proteins with origins, to form prereplicative complexes (pre-RCs) that are competent for initiation. The ability of mutants defective in MCM2-7 function to complete meiosis had suggested that pre-RC components could be irrelevant to premeiotic S phase. We show here that MCM2-7 proteins bind to chromatin in fission yeast cells preparing for meiosis and during premeiotic S phase in a manner suggesting they in fact are required for DNA replication in the meiotic cycle. This is confirmed by analysis of a degron mcm4 mutant, which cannot carry out premeiotic DNA replication. Later in meiosis, Mcm4 chromatin association is blocked between meiotic nuclear divisions, presumably accounting for the absence of a second round of DNA replication. Together, these results emphasize similarity between replication mechanisms in mitotic and meiotic cell cycles.[1]


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