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Regional and processor variation in the ileal digestible amino acid content of soybean meals measured in growing swine.

To assess differences in soybean meal quality related to region of production, researchers in Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, The Netherlands, and Ohio collected four soybean meal samples processed locally at least 15 d apart. These samples were assayed for ileal amino acid digestibility by pigs using a common soybean meal and a soy protein concentrate as references, and a low-protein casein diet for determination of endogenous amino acid losses. Digestibility was determined at each university using seven barrows surgically fitted with ileal cannulas in a 7 x 7 Latin square design. The experimental diets contained 17% CP from the test material except for the low-protein casein diet. Animals were fed twice daily, 12 h apart, at a level of 45 g x kg(-0.75) BW for each meal. Following a 5-d adaptation period, ileal digesta were collected for two 12-h periods for 2 d to be used for determination of ileal digestibility. Variation in amino acid digestibility was very small among and within sites and was much smaller than variation in the concentration of amino acids. Among sites, samples from The Netherlands had less total and thus digestible lysine and methionine than the U.S. samples (P < 0.05). The soybean meals tested in this experiment were approximately 4% higher in amino acids than that reported in the NRC (1998). True (standardized) digestibilities, however, were very similar to NRC values except for cysteine and threonine, which were 5 and 3 percentage points lower in this experiment, respectively. In conclusion, soybeans grown in the United States and locally processed into soybean meal were very similar in nutritional composition. Soybean meals produced in The Netherlands were lower in lysine and methionine (P < 0.05) but had a digestibility similar to that produced in the United States.[1]


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