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Hepatic vein-to-azygos vein connection in a patient with interrupted inferior vena cava.

Massive systemic-to-hepatic venous collaterals developed in a 8-year-old boy with left isomerism and azygos connection of the inferior vena cava who had undergone total cavopulmonary shunt leaving the hepatic vein connected to the common atrium 5 years previously. A hepatic vein-to-azygos vein connection via an autologous pericardial roll successfully ameliorated cyanosis and physical activity. Hepatic vein-to-azygos vein connection is technically easy and is favorable in providing balanced distribution of hepatic venous blood to both lungs. We recommend this technique as an effective alternative to hepatic vein-to-pulmonary artery connection in patients developing collateral vessels after total cavopulmonary shunt.[1]


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