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Protein kinase C-beta II Is an apoptotic lamin kinase in polyomavirus-transformed, etoposide-treated pyF111 rat fibroblasts.

The role of protein kinase C-beta(II) (PKC-beta(II)) in etoposide (VP-16)-induced apoptosis was studied using polyomavirus-transformed pyF111 rat fibroblasts in which PKC-beta(II) specific activity in the nuclear membrane (NM) doubled and the enzyme was cleaved into catalytic fragments. No PKC-beta(II) complexes with lamin B1 and/or active caspases were immunoprecipitable from the NM of proliferating untreated cells, but large complexes of PKC-beta(II) holoprotein and its catalytic fragments with lamin B1, active caspase-3 and -6, and inactive phospho-CDK-1, but not PKC-beta(I) or PKC-delta, could be immunoprecipitated from the NM of VP-16-treated cells, suggesting that PKC-beta(II) is an apoptotic lamin kinase. By 30 min after normal nuclei were mixed with cytoplasms from VP-16-treated, but not untreated, cells, PKC-beta(II) holoprotein had moved from the apoptotic cytoplasm to the normal NM, and lamin B1 was phosphorylated before cleavage by caspase-6. Lamin B1 phosphorylation was partly reduced, but its cleavage was completely prevented, despite the presence of active caspase-6, by adding a selective PKC-betas inhibitor, hispidin, to the apoptotic cytoplasms. Thus, a PKC-beta(II) response to VP-16 seems necessary for lamin B1 cleavage by caspase-6 and nuclear lamina dissolution in apoptosing pyF111 fibroblasts. The possibility of PKC-beta(II) being an apoptotic lamin kinase in these cells was further suggested by lamin B1- bound PKC-delta being inactive or only slightly active and by PKC-alpha not combining with the lamin.[1]


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