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Bob1 (OCA-B/OBF-1) differential transactivation of the B cell-specific B29 (Ig beta) and mb-1 (Ig alpha) promoters.

The B29 (Igbeta) and mb-1 (Igalpha) gene products are B cell-specific essential components of the B cell receptor that are coexpressed at all stages of B cell differentiation, with the exception of plasma cells, which lack mb-1 expression. Transcription of both genes is governed by a similar cassette of interactive transcription factor-binding elements, including octamer motifs, in TATA-less promoters. In this study, we show the B cell-specific B29 gene promoter is transactivated in B and non-B cells by cotransfection with the B cell-specific octamer cofactor gene, Bob1 (OCA-B/OBF-1). The expression of Bob1 is also sufficient to override the silencing effects of the B29 silencer. This indicates that Bob1 plays a critical role in B cell-specific B29 promoter expression. In contrast, coexpression of Bob1 had no effect on mb-1 promoter activity. Bob1 transactivation only occurs with select octamer sequences that have an adenosine at position 5 (ATGCAAAT). The B29 promoter conforms to this consensus octamer motif, while the mb-1 promoter octamer motif does not. Octamer motif swapping between B29 and mb-1 promoters renders B29 unresponsive to Bob1 transactivation and makes mb-1 competent for Bob1 transactivation, thereby indicating that the B29 octamer motif is solely responsible for Bob1 interaction. Additionally, the mb-1 construct containing the B29 octamer motif is expressed in a plasmacytoma cell line, while the wild-type mb-1 promoter is not. Bob1 transactivation of B29 and the lack of this transactivation of mb-1 account for the differential expression of B29 and mb-1 in terminally differentiated plasma cells.[1]


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