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The 14-kDa dynein light chain-family protein Dlc1 is required for regular oscillatory nuclear movement and efficient recombination during meiotic prophase in fission yeast.

A Schizosaccharomyces pombe spindle pole body (SPB) protein interacts in a two-hybrid system with Dlc1, which belongs to the 14-kDa Tctex-1 dynein light chain family. Green fluorescent protein-tagged Dlc1 accumulated at the SPB throughout the life cycle. During meiotic prophase, Dlc1 was present along astral microtubules and microtubule-anchoring sites on the cell cortex, reminiscent of the cytoplasmic dynein heavy chain Dhc1. In a dlc1-null mutant, Dhc1-dependent nuclear movement in meiotic prophase became irregular in its duration and direction. Dhc1 protein was displaced from the cortex anchors and the formation of microtubule bundle(s) that guide nuclear movement was impaired in the mutant. Meiotic recombination in the dlc1 mutant was reduced to levels similar to that in the dhc1 mutant. Dlc1 and Dhc1 also have roles in karyogamy and rDNA relocation during the sexual phase. Strains mutated in both the dlc1 and dhc1 loci displayed more severe defects in recombination, karyogamy, and sporulation than in either single mutant alone, suggesting that Dlc1 is involved in nuclear events that are independent of Dhc1. S. pombe contains a homolog of the 8-kDa dynein light chain, Dlc2. This class of dynein light chain, however, is not essential in either the vegetative or sexual phases.[1]


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