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Applying a highly specific and reproducible cDNA RDA method to clone garlic up-regulated genes in human gastric cancer cells.

AIM: To develop and optimize cDNA representational difference analysis (cDNA RDA) method and to identify and clone garlic up-regulated genes in human gastric cancer (HGC) cells. METHODS: We performed cDNA RDA method by using abundant double-stranded cDNA messages provided by two self-constructed cDNA libraries (Allitridi-treated and paternal HGC cell line BGC823 cells cDNA libraries respectively). Bam H I and Xho I restriction sites harbored in the library vector were used to select representations. Northern and Slot blots analyses were employed to identify the obtained difference products. RESULTS: Fragments released from the cDNA library vector after restriction endonuclease digestion acted as good marker indicating the appropriate digestion degree for library DNA. Two novel expressed sequence tags (ESTs) and a recombinant gene were obtained. Slot blots result showed a 8-fold increase of glia-derived nexin/protease nexin 1 (GDN/PN1) gene expression level and 4-fold increase of hepatitis B virus x-interacting protein (XIP) mRNA level in BGC823 cells after Allitridi treatment for 72h. CONCLUSION: Elevated levels of GDN/PN1 and XIP mRNAs induced by Allitridi provide valuable molecular evidence for elucidating the garlic's efficacies against neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases. Isolation of a recombinant gene and two novel ESTs further show cDNA RDA based on cDNA libraries to be a powerful method with high specificity and reproducibility in cloning differentially expressed genes.[1]


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