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CYP98A6 from Lithospermum erythrorhizon encodes 4-coumaroyl-4'-hydroxyphenyllactic acid 3-hydroxylase involved in rosmarinic acid biosynthesis.

Rosmarinic acid is the dominant hydroxycinnamic acid ester accumulated in Boraginaceae and Lamiaceae plants. A cytochrome P450 cDNA was isolated by differential display from cultured cells of Lithospermum erythrorhizon, and the gene product was designated CYP98A6 based on the deduced amino acid sequence. After expression in yeast, the P450 was shown to catalyze the 3-hydroxylation of 4-coumaroyl-4'-hydroxyphenyllactic acid, one of the final two steps leading to rosmarinic acid. The expression level of CYP98A6 is dramatically increased by addition of yeast extract or methyl jasmonate to L. erythrorhizon cells, and its expression pattern reflected the elicitor-induced change in rosmarinic acid production, indicating that CYP98A6 plays an important role in regulation of rosmarinic acid biosynthesis.[1]


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