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NDPP1 is a novel CARD domain containing protein which can inhibit apoptosis and suppress NF-kappaB activation.

We have identified several novel human caspase recruitment domain (CARD) containing genes. In this report, we describe one among them, NDPP1. The mRNA expression of NDPP1 was higher in the kidney and testis of normal tissues. High expression was also detected in breast cancer, prostate cancer and granulosa tumor cells but not in bladder cancer cells. Transfection experiments demonstrated that NDPP1 was able to supress Bax-induced apoptosis in REF52 cells. Furthermore, NDPP1 is able to inhibit NF-kappaB activation induced by TNF-alpha treatment in HepG2 cells. Our results demonstrated that NDPP1 is a novel member of the CARD family and a negative regulator of cell death and inflammatory response. The NDPP1 locus has been assigned to chromosome 19q13. 3. The NDPP1 gene consists of 14 exons and transcribts for at least five splicing variants.[1]


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