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X-ray digital subtraction angiography with 1 mol/L gadobutrol: results from a comparative porcine study With iodinated contrast agents.

RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES: To evaluate prospectively diagnostic accuracy of 1 mol/L gadobutrol as a contrast agent for intraarterial x-ray digital subtraction angiography (DSA) in comparison to iodinated, nonionic contrast media and 0.5 mol/L gadolinium-DTPA. METHODS: Flush arteriograms (ascending, descending, abdominal aorta, iliac, and femoral arteries) and selective angiograms (carotid, renal, and visceral arteries) were obtained from bilateral femoral arterial access (5 F sheaths) in 10 domestic pigs (70 kg body weight). Digital subtracted angiograms were obtained during injection of undiluted 1 mol/L gadobutrol, 300 mg I/mL iopromide, or 0.5 mol/L gadopentetate. Injection parameters (volume and velocity) were similar for all three contrast agents. In paired arteries, two different contrast media were used during the same angiographic run. Diagnostic quality and accuracy of the angiograms were evaluated on a three-step scale by three independent blinded investigators. RESULTS: Sufficient nonselective angiographic images were obtained in 90% of cases using iodinated contrast material. Gadobutrol achieved sufficient nonselective angiograms in 64%. Selective angiograms were sufficient in 98% using iodinated contrast material, 90% using 1 mol/L Gadobutrol and 48% using 0.5 mol/L Gd-DTPA. Adverse reactions to any of the used contrast agents were not noted. CONCLUSION: One mol/L Gadobutrol solution allows x-ray digital subtraction angiography with a diagnostic accuracy equivalent to 300 mg/mL iodinated contrast media, if selective injections are performed. Flush aortograms are of inferior image quality to iodinated contrast material.[1]


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