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Development and physical characterization of a periodontal bioadhesive gel of metronidazole.

To develop a localized drug delivery system that offers prolonged administration of metronidazole into the periodontal pocket, muccoadhesive gel formulations containing 5% w/w metronidazole were prepared using the bioadhesive polymers: carboxymethylcellulose, methylcellulose, hydroxyethylcellulose, polyvinylpirrolidone, and carbopol. Increased concentrations of the polymers decreased the drug release rate and enhanced syringeability, yield value, and adhesiveness but decreased the spreadability. The bioadhesive properties of the gels were affected by pH and Ca(2+) concentration. The gel containing 20% hydroxyethylcellulose, 20% polyvinylpirrolidone, and 1% carbopol exhibited zero-order drug release kinetics and suitable physical properties for drug delivery to the periodontal pocket.[1]


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