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Periodontal Pocket

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  • Effects of tetracycline on the streptococcal flora of periodontal pockets [11].
  • Our results indicate that glutathione, a readily available thiol source in periodontal pockets, is a suitable substrate for H(2)S production by this microorganism [2].
  • We propose that PAD, acting in concert with arginine-specific proteinases from P. gingivalis, promotes the growth of the pathogen in the periodontal pocket, initially by enhancing its survivability and then by assisting the organism in its circumvention of host humoral defenses [12].
  • This study demonstrates that, by embedding metronidazole in ethyl cellulose, it is possible to obtain sustained release of the drug within the periodontal pocket for three days [13].
  • The highest recovery was found on TSBV agar plates cultured in air-5% CO2 both for plaque samples from periodontal pockets and for pure cultures [14].

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