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Biochemical intestinal parameters in pigs reared outdoors and indoors, and in germ-free pigs.

Intestinal microbial functions reflect cross-talk between a host and its flora, and external factors may influence these functions. The aim of this investigation was to follow the development of six biochemical microbial-related functions of piglets, raised outdoors (OPs) or indoors (IPs), from birth to slaughter age. The following parameters (microflora-associated characteristic; MAC) were consecutively measured at five different ages: production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA), conversion of cholesterol to coprostanol and of bilirubin to urobilinogens, inactivation of trypsin, degradation of beta-aspartylglycine and of mucin. Additionally, four parameters (production of SCFA. conversion of cholesterol to coprostanol, inactivation of trypsin, degradation of beta-aspartylglycine) were investigated in faecal samples from germ-free minipigs. The differences in MAC patterns between OPs and IPs were most pronounced at 20 days of age. Differences were found in the total amount of SCFAs, proportions of the acetic, propionic and butyric acids, conversion of bilirubin to urobilinogens, degradation of faecal tryptic activity and degradation of mucin. The values found in the minipigs were within the range of a germ-free animal characteristic (GAC) pattern. Our results show that environmental factors influence the development of some intestinal microbial functions in pigs.[1]


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