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Effects on quality of life of combined trastuzumab and chemotherapy in women with metastatic breast cancer.

PURPOSE: The study was designed to compare the effects of treatment with a combination of trastuzumab (Herceptin; Genentech, Inc, South San Francisco, CA) and chemotherapy versus chemotherapy alone on health-related quality of life (HRQL) in patients with HER-2/neu overexpressing, metastatic breast cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A sample of 400 patients, not previously treated for metastatic disease and randomized to receive either trastuzumab plus chemotherapy (208 patients) or chemotherapy alone (192 patients), completed the European Organization for Research and Treatment Care Quality of Life Questionnaire at baseline and on at least one subsequent occasion at 8, 20, 32, 44, and 56 weeks. HRQL improvement or worsening was defined as a >or= 10-point change (range, 0 to 100 points) in the scores of six preselected domains (global quality of life [QOL], physical, role, social, and emotional functioning, and fatigue). Stable HRQL was defined as a change of less than 10. A Bonferroni correction was applied for multiple testing. RESULTS: After completion of chemotherapy, patients treated with trastuzumab and chemotherapy reported significant improvement in fatigue (P <.05) as compared with their baseline scores. Higher proportions of patients receiving the combined therapy achieved improvement in global QOL (P <.05) than did patients treated with chemotherapy alone. Higher proportions of the combined therapy group also achieved improvement in physical and role functioning and in fatigue as compared with the chemotherapy group, but the differences were not statistically significant. There were no differences in the proportions of patients in the two groups that reported worsening. CONCLUSION: Statistically significantly higher proportions of patients treated with a combination of trastuzumab and chemotherapy reported improved global QOL than did patients treated by chemotherapy alone.[1]


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