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Psychotherapy, Group

 Edworthy,  Dobkin,  Clarke,  Da Costa,  Dritsa,  Fortin,  Barr,  Ensworth,  Esdaile,  Beaulieu,  Zummer,  Senécal,  Goulet,  Choquette,  Rich,  Smith,  Cividino,  Gladman,  Devins,  Fagan,  Wise,  Schmidt,  Berlin,  Davey,  Murphy,  Graziano,  Boswell,  Pavia,  Cancio,  Nadler,  Chaitt,  Dewar,  Sahner,  Duliege,  Capra,  Leong,  Giedlin,  Lane,  Kahn,  Gisbert,  Khorrami,  Carballo,  Calvet,  Gene,  Dominguez-Muñoz,  Kastrati,  von Beckerath,  Joost,  Pogatsa-Murray,  Gorchakova,  Schömig,  Heimberg,  Liebowitz,  Hope,  Schneier,  Holt,  Welkowitz,  Juster,  Campeas,  Bruch,  Cloitre,  Fallon,  Klein,  Sayin,  Varol,  Balkanli-Kaplan,  Sayin,  Furmark,  Tillfors,  Marteinsdottir,  Fischer,  Pissiota,  Långström,  Fredrikson,  Gama de Abreu,  Wilmink,  Hübler,  Koch,  Masuda,  Nakazato,  Kihara,  Minagoe,  Tei,  de Wit,  Herrstedt,  Rapoport,  Carides,  Guoguang-Ma,  Elmer,  Schmidt,  Evans,  Horgan,  Esplen,  Hunter,  Leszcz,  Warner,  Narod,  Metcalfe,  Glendon,  Butler,  Liede,  Young,  Kieffer,  DiProspero,  Irwin,  Wong,  Suzuki,  Kanno,  Anand,  Yusuf,  Pogue,  Weitz,  Flather,  Lincoff,  Califf,  Van de Werf,  Willerson,  White,  Armstrong,  Guetta,  Gibler,  Hochman,  Bode,  Vahanian,  Steg,  Ardissino,  Savonitto,  Bar,  Sadowski,  Betriu,  Booth,  Wolski,  Waller,  Topol,  George,  Ziedonis,  Feingold,  Pepper,  Satterburg,  Winkel,  Rounsaville,  Kosten,  Davidson,  Foa,  Huppert,  Keefe,  Franklin,  Compton,  Zhao,  Connor,  Lynch,  Gadde,  Lord,  Mack,  Van Den Berg,  Pike,  Ingles,  Haiman,  Wang,  Parisky,  Hodis,  Ursin,  Misri,  Reebye,  Corral,  Milis,  
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  • The overall rate of response (both remission and satisfactory response) was 48 percent in both the nefazodone group and in the psychotherapy group, as compared with 73 percent in the combined-treatment group [11].
  • Reinfarction within the first 7 days occurred in 3.5% of patients in the reteplase group and 2.3% of patients in the combination therapy group, and was significantly associated with 1-year mortality (22.6% in patients with reinfarction vs 8.0% in patients without reinfarction; HR, 3.08; 95% CI, 2.53-3.75; P<.001) [12].
  • Common treatment methods are cognitive-behavioral, group therapy, and, when appropriate, medications such as androgen-lowering agents that can act as sexual appetite suppressants [13].
  • Both groups had mean (SD) increases in CD4 cell percentage: from 20.4% (6.3%) to 32.3% (12.4%) for the combination therapy group compared with 20.4% (5.1%) to 23.0% (7.2%) for recipients of ART alone (P<.001) [14].
  • In response to estrogen suppression, plasma levels of FSH, LH, and prolactin did not change significantly throughout the treatment period in either therapy group [15].

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  • Of 90 patients in the combined therapy group, most received a preoperative intracavitary insertion (3500 mgh to the uterus and 2000 mgh to the upper vagina) and preoperative external beam pelvic irradiation (2000 cGy whole pelvis, additional 3000 cGy to parametria, with midline shield) followed in 4 to 6 weeks by a TAH-BSO [26].
  • METHODOLOGY: Seven of 18 patients received hepatic arterial infusion (HAI) of lymphokine-activated killer (LAK) cells with or without IL-2 against metastatic liver tumors (local therapy group) [27].
  • Twenty C5 through C7 spinal cord injury individuals recruited from a University outpatient clinic were randomly assigned to a massage therapy group or an exercise group [28].
  • The basal levels of PGE2 concentration and acid secretion in gastric juice did not differ significantly between the steroid therapy group and control group [29].

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