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Development of a CENP-A/CENP-B-specific immune response in a patient with systemic sclerosis.

Antibodies directed against an epitope motif on CENP-A have been shown to cross-react with mimotopes on other autoantigens and on Epstein-Barr nuclear antigen 1 (EBNA-1), suggesting a molecular mimicry. We describe here the gradual development of an anticentromere immune response in a patient with systemic sclerosis, which started from an antihistone response and was not mediated by molecular mimicry. Via an epitope on histone H3, the antibody response spread to a homologous epitope in the H3 homology domain of CENP-A. This was followed by an intramolecular epitope spreading to N-terminal peptides of CENP-A containing the known epitope motif G-P-X(1)-R-X(2). From there it spread to corresponding epitopes on CENP-B and to mimotopes of the major CENP-A epitope motif on other autoantigens including EBNA-1. Whether the D-penicillamine treatment received by this patient was involved in the triggering of this cascade remains a matter of speculation.[1]


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