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p73-dependent expression of DAN during cisplatin-induced cell death and osteoblast differentiation.

We previously reported that DAN, a founding member of the DAN family of secreted proteins, acts as an inhibitor of cell cycle progression and is closely involved in retinoic acid-induced neuroblastoma differentiation. In this study, we found that DAN as well as p73, the recently identified p53 family member, was up-regulated during osteoblast differentiation. Additionally, the expression of DAN was increased in response to cisplatin- induced cell death of neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells. Consistent with the previous reports, p73 was accumulated after the treatment with cisplatin. Intriguingly, we found a putative p53/ p73- binding site in the 5'-upstream region of the human DAN gene. A luciferase reporter assay and an in vitro DNA-binding experiment revealed that this canonical p53/ p73-binding site was a functional responsive element and was specific for p73. Our results suggest that there exists a functional association between DAN and p73 during osteoblast differentiation as well as cisplatin-induced cell death.[1]


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