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Gene Review

Arhgef16  -  Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Ephexin-4, Neuroblastoma, Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor 16
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Disease relevance of Arhgef16


Psychiatry related information on Arhgef16

  • Treatment with r-interferon gamma or rIL-2 on days 1 through 3 after C1300-NRB inoculation significantly prolonged the mean tumor latency period, decreased the tumor growth rate, and enhanced in vitro NK killing of C1300-NRB and YAC-1 [6].
  • Two (P117L; M146L) familial Alzheimer's disease (FAD)-causing presenilin-1 (PS1) mutations have been tested fortheir effect in stably transfected mouse neuroblastoma (N2a) cell lines [7].
  • The following four parameters were considered: 1) dose of injected cells, 2) type of injected tumour (NB or T-L), 3) age of mice after individuation of three groups of animals (group A, 4-9 weeks old, group B, 9-20 weeks old, group C, > 20 weeks old), 4) injected cell line within the same tumour type [8].
  • Administrations of ABPP (200 mg/kg or 500 mg/kg) at intervals of 2 days and the injection of IFN (25,000 IU/mouse) 3 hr before each administration of ABPP to neuroblastoma-bearing A/J mice reduced the mortality and completely cured 40% of the mice in each combined therapy group [9].

High impact information on Arhgef16


Chemical compound and disease context of Arhgef16


Biological context of Arhgef16


Anatomical context of Arhgef16


Associations of Arhgef16 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Arhgef16


Enzymatic interactions of Arhgef16

  • Furthermore, the phosphopeptide patterns of brain MAP-1B phosphorylated in vitro by either purified casein kinase II or an extract obtained from differentiating neuroblastoma cells are identical to each other and similar to that of in vivo phosphorylated neuroblastoma MAP-1B [21].

Regulatory relationships of Arhgef16


Other interactions of Arhgef16

  • To define the nature of the "dominant negative" effect of the PS1 aspartate variants, we stably expressed PS1 harboring aspartate to alanine substitutions at codons 257 (D257A) or 385 (D385A), singly or in combination (D257A/D385A), in mouse neuroblastoma, N2a cells [40].
  • RESULTS: P10(4) exerted a potent cytotoxic activity on different neuroblastoma and melanoma cell lines through induction of both extrinsic and intrinsic caspase cascades and subsequent apoptosis [41].
  • Here we demonstrate that the early induction of apoptosis in a model of lyssavirus-infected neuroblastoma cells involves a TRAIL-dependent pathway requiring the activation of caspase-8 but not of caspase-9 or caspase-10 [42].
  • In our model, Fas ligand (CD95L) appears to play a limited role in lyssavirus-mediated neuroblastoma cell death [42].
  • To generalize this observation, we attempted to quantify AChE(R) and AChE(T) after organophosphate intoxication in the mouse brain and compared the observed effects with those of stress induced by swimming or immobilization; we also analyzed the effects of heat shock and AChE inhibition on neuroblastoma cells [43].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Arhgef16


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