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Drosophila syntaxin 16 is a Q-SNARE implicated in Golgi dynamics.

SNARE isoforms appear to regulate specific intracellular membrane trafficking steps. To identify new SNARE proteins in Drosophila melanogaster we used a yeast two-hybrid screen to search for proteins that interact with SNAP. Here we report the identification of the Drosophila homologue of syntaxin 16. dsyntaxin 16 binds SNAP in a concentration-dependent fashion and genetically interacts with NSF2. Like its mammalian homologue, dsyntaxin 16 is ubiquitously expressed and appears to be localized to the Golgi apparatus. In addition, membranes containing dsyntaxin 16 become aggregated upon Brefeldin A treatment and are dispersed during meiosis. Inhibition of dsyntaxin 16 function by overexpression of truncated forms in cultured Schneider cells indicates that dsyntaxin 16 may selectively regulate Golgi dynamics.[1]


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