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Cyclic changes of plasma spermine concentrations in women.

Based on previous studies which suggest that blood polyamines fluctuate during the menstrual cycle, the present study was set to determine whether plasma concentrations of the polyamine spermine show menstrual cycle-associated changes and if so, how these changes relate to phasic variations in other female hormones. Blood samples were collected from a group of 9 healthy women of various ages at 5 defined periods during their menstrual cycle including 1 woman on oral contraceptives. Spermine concentrations were determined in plasma acid extracts by reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography method. Plasma estradiol, LH and FSH were measured by microparticle enzyme immunoassay using an automatic analyzer. Spermine concentrations, 104.4 +/- 12.2 nmol/ml at 1-3 day of the cycle, were increased transiently with a peak (263.8 +/- 22.1 nmol/ml) at 8-10 day and declined to 85.4 +/- 29.8 nmol/ml by 21-23 day of the cycle. The peak spermine concentrations coincided with the first increase in plasma estrogen levels. The individual variations in the temporal profile of spermine concentrations were of similar magnitude as individual differences in other female hormones. We conclude that: a) Plasma spermine concentrations undergo distinct cyclic alterations during the menstrual cycle with peak concentrations coinciding with the first estradiol increase, and b) Peak plasma spermine concentrations occur during the follicular phase, just prior to ovulation, during the period of rapid endometrial growth.[1]


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