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Functional analysis of a divergent system II protein, Ccs1, involved in c-type cytochrome biogenesis.

The Ccs1 gene, encoding a highly divergent novel component of a system II type c-type cytochrome biogenesis pathway, is encoded by the previously defined CCS1 locus in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. phoA and lacZalpha bacterial topological reporters were used to deduce a topological model of the Synechocystis sp. 6803 Ccs1 homologue, CcsB. CcsB, and therefore by analogy Ccs1, possesses a large soluble lumenal domain at its C terminus that is tethered in the thylakoid membrane by three closely spaced transmembrane domains in the N-terminal portion of the protein. Molecular analysis of ccs1 alleles reveals that the entire C-terminal soluble domain is essential for Ccs1 function and that a stromal loop appears to be important in vivo, at least for maintenance of Ccs1. Site-directed mutational analysis reveals that a single histidine (His(274)) within the last transmembrane domain, preceding the large lumenal domain, is required for c-type cytochrome assembly, whereas an invariant cysteine residue (Cys(199)) is shown to be non-essential. Ccs1 is proposed to interact with other Ccs components based on its reduced accumulation in ccs2, ccs3, ccs4, and ccsA strains.[1]


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