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Effect of mineralocorticoid deficiency on ion and urea transporters and aquaporin water channels in the rat.

Mineralocorticoid deficiency is associated with impaired urinary concentration and dilution. The present investigation was undertaken to determine the effects of selective mineralocorticoid deficiency on renal sodium and urea transporters and aquaporin water channels and whether these perturbations can be reversed by maintenance of extracellular fluid volume. Mineralocorticoid deficiency was induced by bilateral adrenalectomies with glucocorticoid replacement. Mineralocorticoid deficient rats receiving plain drinking water (MDW) were compared with mineralocorticoid deficient rats receiving saline-drinking water (MDS) in order to maintain extracellular fluid volume, and with controls (CTL). In MDW rats, there was a significant decrease in renal outer medulla Na-K-2Cl co-transporter and outer medulla Na-K-ATPase as well as an increase in inner medulla aquaporins 2 and 3. There were no significant changes in aquaporin-1, aquaporin-4, or urea transporters. These alterations were reversed with maintenance of extracellular fluid volume in MDS rats. Our findings indicate that mineralocorticoid deficiency in the rat is associated with alterations in factors involved in the countercurrent concentrating mechanism (Na-K-2Cl, Na-K-ATPase) and osmotic water equilibration in the collecting duct (AQP2, AQP3). Maintenance of sodium balance and extracellular fluid volume is associated with normalization of these perturbations.[1]


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