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Disease relevance of Adrenalectomy


Psychiatry related information on Adrenalectomy


High impact information on Adrenalectomy


Chemical compound and disease context of Adrenalectomy

  • A patient with advanced breast cancer who had undergone a total bilateral adrenalectomy in the past refused adrenal steroid replacement therapy with the idea that this would be the easiest and quickest way to end her life [15].
  • Despite Ang II infusion, proteinuria (17 +/- 9 mg/d) and thrombotic microangiopathy and plasma aldosterone (18 +/- 18 pg/ml) remained low but daily urinary excretion of sodium and potassium were not different from adrenalectomy + ALDO [16].
  • High plasma renin substrate concentrations, and normal basal and furosemide-stimulated plasma renin activities and plasma renin concentrations which were present before surgery, decreased after adrenalectomy, and the hypertension diminished [17].
  • RESULTS: In five patients with diabetes mellitus, glucose infusion rate required to maintain euglycemia during the clamp (mean +/- SEM) significantly improved from 27.5 +/- 6.5 micro mol/kg.min before surgery to 44.6 +/- 12.3 micro mol/kg.min 5 wk after adrenalectomy (P < 0.05) [18].
  • Extensive hormonal evaluation was performed in a girl with adrenal carcinoma during the primary tumor stage, following adrenalectomy, during the period when metastases were evident and while on treatment with o,p'-DDD [19].

Biological context of Adrenalectomy


Anatomical context of Adrenalectomy


Associations of Adrenalectomy with chemical compounds

  • Of 40 evaluable women treated with AG and hydrocortisone, 53 per cent had objective responses, as compared with 45 per cent of 29 women undergoing surgical adrenalectomy (P value not significant) [30].
  • To define further the defect in the steroid feedback mechanism in Cushing's disease, we studied the acute effects of intravenous administration of glucorticoids on plasma ACTH levels in seven patients with this disease after total adrenalectomy [31].
  • We randomized 96 postmenopausal women with metastatic breast carcinoma to receive surgical adrenalectomy or medical therapy with an adrenal inhibitor, aminoglutethimide (AG), plus replacement hydrocortisone [30].
  • In fact, after adrenalectomy, vasopressin mRNA can be detected in CRF-immunoreactive neurones [12].
  • However, adrenalectomy or dexamethasone administration did not alter the silver grain density over nuclei of intermediate lobe melanotrophs [32].

Gene context of Adrenalectomy

  • To assess whether the effect of leptin in intestinal inflammation is mediated by corticosteroids we performed adrenalectomy experiments in db/db and wild-type mice [33].
  • The increase in BDNF mRNA was mediated by a selective activation of the BDNF exon IV promoter and adrenalectomy attenuated this increase by 50% [34].
  • In wild-type mice, adrenalectomy significantly decreased AGRP mRNA but did not significantly influence POMC or NPY mRNA [35].
  • Adrenalectomy had no affect on tibial growth or plasma IGFBP-1 in these animals [36].
  • Unlike POMC, TPIT was not up-regulated by adrenalectomy in rats and did not seem down-regulated in the normal pituitary adjacent to human corticotroph microadenomas [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Adrenalectomy


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