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Environmental impact of two successive chemical treatments in a small shallow eutrophied lake: Part II. Case of copper sulfate.

The appearance of cyanobacteria ( > 10 colony per ml) was not prevented after alum treatment. In order to prevent cyanobacteria efflorescences in a small shallow polymictic lake (Courtille, France), copper sulfate was applied. Treatment level was 63 microg 1(-1) as Cu2+ from CUSO4, 5 H2O. Cyanobacteria were kept under control during the summer. Microcystis sp. completely disappeared, which allowed swimming in the lake throughout the tourist season. Microcystis only reappeared 2 months after the treatment. Copper content in the water column only returned to its background level 2 months after copper addition. This high residence time of copper in the water might have been caused by complexation and adsorption of copper on natural organic matter, whose level was high in the ecosystem studied. A mechanism of transfer of 'truly' dissolved copper towards particulate copper has been underlined and explains the disappearance of this fraction of copper in the water column.[1]


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