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  • Environmental impacts of PAH and oil release as a NAPL or as contaminated pore water from the construction of a 90-cm in situ isolation cap [19].
  • However, different results are obtained for high-octane gasoline (98 RON), where increasing reformer temperatures and pressures increase the reformate octane values faster than the potential environmental impacts [16].
  • Environmental impact of two successive chemical treatments in a small shallow eutrophied lake: Part II. Case of copper sulfate [20].
  • As part of the environmental impact studies of the Great Whale and the Nottaway-Broadback-Rupert (NBR) hydroelectric projects, Hydro-Québec collected data on the occurrence and levels of several contaminants present in wildlife from both regions between 1989 and 1991 [21].
  • Although usually considered to be additive, the environmental impact on the expression of hypertension may also interact with genetic components [22].

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