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A novel active DNA topoisomerase I in Leishmania donovani.

A common feature shared by type I DNA topoisomerases is the presence of a "serine, lysine, X, X, tyrosine" motif as conventional enzyme active site. Preliminary data have shown that Leishmania donovani DNA topoisomerase I gene (LdTOP1A) lacked this conserved motif, giving rise to different theories about the reconstitution of an active DNA topoisomerase I in this parasite. We, herein, describe the molecular cloning of a new DNA topoisomerase I gene from L. donovani (LdTOP1B) containing the highly conserved serine, lysine, X, X, tyrosine motif. DNA topoisomerase I activity was detected only when both genes (LdTOP1A and LdTOP1B) were co-expressed in a yeast expression system, suggesting the existence of a dimeric DNA topoisomerase I in Leishmania parasites.[1]


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