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Che-1 affects cell growth by interfering with the recruitment of HDAC1 by Rb.

DNA tumor virus oncoproteins bind and inactivate Rb by interfering with the Rb/HDAC1 interaction. Che-1 is a recently identified human Rb binding protein that inhibits the Rb growth suppressing function. Here we show that Che-1 contacts the Rb pocket region and competes with HDAC1 for Rb binding site, removing HDAC1 from the Rb/E2F complex in vitro and from the E2F target promoters in vivo. Che-1 overexpression activates DNA synthesis in quiescent NIH-3T3 cells through HDAC1 displacement. Consistently, Che-1-specific RNA interference affects E2F activity and cell proliferation in human fibroblasts but not in the pocket protein-defective 293 cells. These findings indicate the existence of a pathway of Rb regulation supporting Che-1 as the cellular counterpart of DNA tumor virus oncoproteins.[1]


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