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The complement abnormalities of lipodystrophy.

Investigation of the serum complement system in 25 patients with various forms of lipodystrophy showed no abnormality in three patients with total lipodystrophy; a single patient with limb lipodystrophy had evidence of activation of the classical complement pathway. However, of the 21 patients with partial lipodystrophy, 17 had low serum C3, with normal C4 and C2, concentrations, accompanied in 14 by a serum C3 splitting factor indistinguishable from nephritic factor, suggesting activation of the alternative pathway. These abnormalities occurred in 10 patients without clinically overt renal disease. Seven patients had overt nephritis; renal biopsies obtained in six showed mesangiocapillary (membranoproliferative) nephritis in all. Thus, the majority of patients with partial lipodystrophy have hypocomplementemia. Although nephritis may not invariably develop, the high rate of mesangiocapillary nephritis in these patients suggests that complement activation via the alternative pathway predisposes to the development of this form of glomerular disease.[1]


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