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Involvement of ABC7 in the biosynthesis of heme in erythroid cells: interaction of ABC7 with ferrochelatase.

A mitochondrial half-type ATP-binding cassette (ABC) protein, ABC7, plays a role in iron homeostasis in mitochondria, and defects in human ABC7 were shown to be responsible for the inherited disease X- linked sideroblastic anemia/ataxia. We examined the role of ABC7 in the biosynthesis of heme in erythroid cells where hemoglobin is a major product of iron-containing compounds. RNA blots showed that the amount of ABC7 mRNA in dimethylsulfoxide (Me(2)SO)-treated mouse erythroleukemia (MEL) cells increased markedly in parallel with the induction of the mRNA expression of ferrochelatase, the last enzyme in the pathway to synthesize heme. The transfection of the antisense oligonucleotide to mouse ABC7 mRNA into Me(2)SO-treated MEL cells led to a decrease of heme production, as compared with sense oligonucleotide-transfected cells. ABC7 protein was shown to be colocalized with ferrochelatase in mitochondria, as assessed by immunostaining. Furthermore, in vitro and in vivo pull-down assays revealed that ABC7 protein is interacted with the carboxy-terminal region containing the iron-sulfur cluster of ferrochelatase. The transient expression of ABC7 in mouse embryo liver BNL-CL2 cells resulted in an increase in the activity and level of ferrochelatase and thioredoxin, a cytosolic protein containing iron-sulfur. These increases were also observed in MEL cells stably expressing ABC7. When ABC7 transfectants were treated with Me(2)SO, an increase in cellular heme concomitant with a marked induction of the expression of ferrochelatase was observed. The extent of these increases was 3-fold greater than in control cells. The results indicated that ABC7 positively regulates not only the expression of extramitochondrial thioredoxin but also that of an intramitochondrial iron-sulfur-containing protein, ferrochelatase. Then, the expression of ABC7 contributes to the production of heme during the differentiation of erythroid cells.[1]


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