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Moderate hyperhomocysteinaemia and immune activation in Parkinson's disease.

Moderate hyperhomocysteinaemia has been linked to an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases. Increased homocysteine concentrations may follow folate depletion due to insufficient dietary intake of the vitamin, but there is also some indication that immune activation could play a role. In this preliminary study, homocysteine, folate, and vitamin B(12) concentrations were measured in 19 patients with Parkinson's disease, 61-90 years of age, and compared to a healthy control group of similar age and to neopterin concentrations as an indicator of immune activation. A subgroup of patients presented with increased homocysteine and low folate concentrations. Homocysteine levels correlated inversely with vitamins folate and B(12) and positively with neopterin concentrations. Disturbed homocysteine metabolism in Parkinson's disease may be associated with vitamin deficiency and with immune system activation which may underlie folate depletion.[1]


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