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Rapid localization of transgenes in mouse chromosomes with a combined Spectral Karyotyping/FISH technique.

We explored the feasibility of combined Spectral Karyotyping (SKY) and Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) as means to rapidly map a chromosomally integrated renin/green fluorescent protein (GFP) fusion gene construct (Ren-GFP) in the transgenic mouse, Tg(Ren-GFP)1Kwg. A sequential hybridization with SKY probes followed by FISH gave consistently satisfactory results, demonstrating that multiple copies of the Ren-GFP transgene in this transgenic mouse line are integrated into a single chromosomal site of Chromosome (Chr) 4, most probably in the juxta-centromeric euchromatic region consisting of the A2-A3 domain. Chr 4 as a sole carrier of the transgene also was confirmed by co-hybridization to p1 BAC clone DNA containing telomeric sequences specific for mouse Chr 4 and the Ren-GFP construct in pGEM4Z vector. The hemizygosity of the Ren-GFP transgene is maintained not only in bone marrow cells, but also in lung cells proliferating in vitro, indicating that stable integration of the Ren-GFP transgene into chromosomal DNA was established at a very early embryonic stage. We conclude that the SKY/FISH technique is a reliable and facile method for establishing the integration site of a transgene. As such, this protocol has obvious advantages over traditional backcross methods in terms of time, cost and labor for determining the chromosomal location of transgenes.[1]


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