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Photoreceptor synaptic protein HRG4 (UNC119) interacts with ARL2 via a putative conserved domain.

Human retinal gene 4 (HRG4) (UNC119) is a photoreceptor synaptic protein of unknown function, shown when mutated to cause retinal degeneration in a patient and in a confirmatory transgenic model. ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein 2 ( ARL2) was identified as an interactor of HRG4 by the yeast two-hybrid strategy. The presence of ARL2 in the retina and co-localization with HRG4 was confirmed by Western blot and double immunofluorescence analysis, respectively. The interaction of ARL2 with HRG4 was further confirmed by co-immunoprecipitation and direct binding analysis. Phosphodiesterase delta (PDEdelta) is an ARL2- binding protein homologous to HRG4. Amino acid residues of PDEdelta involved in binding ARL2 and forming a hydrophobic pocket were shown to be highly conserved in HRG4, suggesting similarity in binding mechanism and function.[1]


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