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Gene Review

UNC119  -  unc-119 homolog (C. elegans)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: HRG4, IMD13, POC7, POC7A, Protein unc-119 homolog A, ...
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Disease relevance of UNC119

  • Human retinal gene 4 (HRG4) (UNC119) is a photoreceptor synaptic protein of unknown function, shown when mutated to cause retinal degeneration in a patient and in a confirmatory transgenic model [1].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Given its strong degree of evolutionary conservation and abundant and nearly exclusive expression in photoreceptors, it is likely that UNC-119 plays an important role in vision and is a strong candidate gene for retinal diseases that map to 17q11.2 [2].

High impact information on UNC119


Biological context of UNC119

  • METHODS: By screening bovine, murine, and human retinal cDNA libraries, human UNC-119 clones of two varieties and a murine cDNA clone corresponding to the most abundant human transcript were isolated [2].
  • Northern blot and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction analyses were used to determine tissue distribution of UNC-119 expression; in situ hybridization localized it in retina to photoreceptors [2].
  • Cloning of human and mouse PDE delta cDNAs revealed that PDE delta is a nearly perfectly conserved polypeptide of 150 amino acids that shows partial sequence homology to photoreceptor RG4 of unknown function [6].
  • The function of UNC-119 proteins has been conserved throughout evolution, as transgenic expression of the human UNC119 gene in C. elegans unc-119 mutants restores a wild-type phenotype [7].
  • We determined the nucleotide sequence of a 58 kilobase region on mouse chromosome 11 that encompasses the mouse nude gene and part of the two neighboring genes, encoding a sodium/dicarboxylate co-transporter and the retinal protein 4 [8].

Anatomical context of UNC119


Other interactions of UNC119


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of UNC119


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