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Effect of proteasome inhibitor on cultured mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons.

Proteasomal dysfunction has been implicated in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease (PD). We examined the effect of a selective proteasomal inhibitor, epoxomicin, on primary cultured mesencephalic neurons. Exposing rat cultured mesencephalic neurons to epoxomicin for 24 h resulted in neurotoxicity in a dose-dependent manner. Epoxomicin caused mitochondrial dysfunction, reduction in reduced glutathione (GSH), and increased generation of free radicals. Neuronal damage was significantly blocked by antioxidative/GSH-augmenting agents. Epoxomicin also increased the expression of Bax and decreased that of Bcl-2, which may cause mitochondrial dysfunction and release of free radicals. Dopaminergic neurons were preferentially resistant to the toxicity of epoxomicin. Inhibiting the synthesis of tetrahydrobiopterin (BH(4)), which has been reported to have antioxidative function, increased the susceptibility of dopaminergic neurons, whereas increasing BH(4) levels protected non-dopaminergic neurons. These findings suggest that BH(4) is at least in part a contributing factor to grand the resistance to dopaminergic neurons against epoxomicin neurotoxicity. Our results suggest that proteasome inhibition causes the neurotoxicity in mesencephalic neurons, but that is not sufficient to reproduce the selective damage to dopaminergic neurons, such as that seen in PD.[1]


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