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Regulation of erythrocyte membrane protein gene expression.

Proteins of the erythrocyte membrane have served as the prototypes of homologous families of multifunctional proteins in erythroid and nonerythroid cells. These proteins demonstrate many different cell type, tissue-specific, and developmental stage-specific functions. This complex pattern of functional diversity appears to have evolved from the cell type, tissue-specific, developmentally regulated expression of multiple protein isoforms. Isoform diversity arises from different gene products from related genes; from differential, alternate splicing of the same gene product; from the use of tissue-specific promoters; and from alternate polyadenylation. The identification and characterization of the regulatory elements that control erythrocyte membrane protein gene expression have important implications for several biologic processes. These include disease pathogenesis, membrane assembly, hematopoiesis, gene regulation, and direction of other erythroid-specific genes in transgenic mouse and gene therapy applications.[1]


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