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Hypoglycemic effect of methanol extract of Phyllanthus amarus Schum & Thonn on alloxan induced diabetes mellitus in rats and its relation with antioxidant potential.

Methanolic extract of P. amarus was found to have potential anti-oxidant activity as it could inhibit lipid peroxidation, and scavenge hydroxyl and superoxide radicals in vitro. The amount required for 50% inhibition of lipid peroxide formation was 104 microg/ml and the concentrations needed to scavenge hydroxyl and superoxide radicals were 117 and 19 microg/ml respectively. The extract was found to reduce the blood sugar in alloxan diabetic rats at 4th hr by 6% at a dose level of 200 mg/kg body wt and 18.7% at a concentration of 1000 mg/kg body wt. Continued administration of the extract for 15 days produced significant (P < 0.001) reduction in blood sugar. On 18th day after alloxan administration values were almost similar to normal in the group taking 1000 mg/kg body wt.[1]


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