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Posterior hoxa genes expression during zebrafish bony fin ray development and regeneration suggests their involvement in scleroblast differentiation.

Expression of two zebrafish developmental posterior hoxa genes, hoxa11b and hoxa13b, was studied by in situ hybridization during pectoral and caudal fin development and regeneration. Expression was restricted to cells of the bony rays region. During fin development, molecular cytological analysis revealed that a subpopulation of mesenchymal cells expressed these two hoxa genes during their early differentiation in the subapical region of the developing ray. These cells were identified as differentiating dermal bone making cells (scleroblasts). During fin regeneration, hoxa11b and hoxa13b genes are both induced in undifferentiated cells of the distalmost blastema region (DMB) and the proliferating zone (PZ) and later in differentiating bone-forming cells. In addition, the transient regionalization of the hoxa13b expression pattern in differentiated bone-forming cells along the proximodistal axis of the regenerating ray suggests that hoxa13b could participate in ray patterning. This study is the first to establish a correlation between hoxa gene expression and dermal bone cell differentiation.[1]


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