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The envelope glycoprotein E2 is a determinant of cell culture tropism in ruminant pestiviruses.

Bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) isolates infect cultured Madin-Darby bovine kidney (MDBK) cells as efficiently as sheep kidney cells. In contrast, border disease virus (BDV) propagates poorly in MDBK cells but infects sheep cells very efficiently. The envelope glycoprotein E2 has been shown to be essential for virus infectivity. To explore the potential role of E2 in pestivirus host range in cell cultures, we engineered a chimeric BVDV with the E2 coding region from BDV. As expected, the BVDV-E2(bdv) chimera retained the ability of BDV to multiply in sheep cells but experienced a remarkable reduction in its ability to propagate and form plaques in MDBK, a phenotype that is characteristic of the E2 donor, BDV31 virus. Control chimeric BVDV bearing a type II E2 demonstrated that the heterologous E2 does not impair replication in MDBK or lamb cells. These results establish a role for E2 in determining the tropism of a pestivirus in cell culture.[1]


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