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The effects of some antibiotics on sheep lens glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase in vitro.

PURPOSE: To investigate the in vitro effects of gentamicin sulfate, vancomycin hydrochloride, sodium cefazolin and ceftriaxone on glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme (G6PD) purified from sheep lenses. METHODS: G6PD was purified from sheep lenses with a yield of 66.8% and a specific activity of 7.8 U/mg proteins, and 10,400-fold using ammonium sulfate fractionation and 2',5'-ADP Sepharose 4B affinity gel. The enzyme activity was determined by Beutler's method. RESULTS: Gentamicin sulfate and vancomycin hydrochloride strongly inhibited the enzyme in vitro. The concentrations causing 50% inhibition (IC50 were 15.34, and 8.0 mM, respectively. Conversely, cefazolin sodium strongly activated this enzyme, and ceftriaxone caused milder activation. CONCLUSIONS: If a patient with G6PD deficiency requires gentamicin sulfate or vancomycin hydrochloride, routine ophthalmic did not inhibit this enzyme. Postmortem studies are now needed to investigate the activity of G6PD and how it is affected by these antibiotics.[1]


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