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Formulation and in vivo evaluation of membrane-moderated transdermal therapeutic systems of nicardipine hydrochloride using carvone as a penetration enhancer.

A membrane-moderated transdermal therapeutic system (TTS) of nicardipine hydrochloride was developed using 2%w/w hydroxy propyl cellulose (HPC) gel as a reservoir system containing 8%w/w of carvone as a penetration enhancer. The permeability flux of nicardipine hydrochloride through ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer membrane was found to increase with an increase in vinyl acetate content in the copolymer. The effect of various pressure-sensitive adhesives (MA-31, MA-38, or TACKWHITE A 4MED) on the permeability of nicardipine hydrochloride through EVA 2825 membrane (28%w/w vinyl acetate) or EVA 2825 membrane/skin composite also was studied. The results showed that nicardipine hydrochloride permeability through EVA 2825 membrane coated with TACKWHITE A 4MED/skin composite was higher than that coated with MA-31 or MA-38. Thus, a new TTS for nicardipine hydrochloride was formulated using EVA 2825 membrane coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive TACKWHITE A 4MED and 2%w/w HPC gel as reservoir containing 8%w/w of carvone as a penetration enhancer. The bioavailability studies in healthy human volunteers indicated that the TTS of nicardipine hydrochloride, designed in the present study, provided steady-state plasma concentration of the drug with minimal fluctuations for 23 hr with improved bioavailability in comparison with the immediate-release capsule dosage form.[1]


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