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Chemical Compound Review

Vinylacetat     ethenyl ethanoate

Synonyms: Vinylazetat, Vinylacetaat, VyAc, VyAr, Acetoxyethene, ...
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Chemical compound and disease context of vinyl acetate

  • METHODS: Paclitaxel-loaded ethylene vinyl acetate wraps were placed around the graft-vein anastomosis on one side, with control polymers being placed on the contralateral side in our pig model of arteriovenous graft stenosis [9].
  • The thermal inactivation of mesophilic Bacillus subtilis alpha-amylase modified by maleic anhydride/vinyl acetate copolymer has been studied at different polymer/enzyme ratios in the pH range of relevance to enzymatic catalysis [10].

Biological context of vinyl acetate

  • DPXL accumulation followed S-phase enzymatic kinetics, with a rate of formation of 1.1 DPXLs/plasmid molecule/mmol vinyl acetate/microgram microsomal protein/microgram DNA [8].
  • This is consistent with investigations on metabolism and pharmacokinetics of vinyl acetate which show that this compound, after entering the organism, is immediately split by blood esterases and thus may not be available for epoxidation to an ultimately carcinogenic metabolite [11].
  • PdCl(2) can catalyze the acetylation of primary and secondary alcohols with vinyl acetate [12].
  • Three microbial lipases have been used to deracemize trans-2-fluorocycloalkanols 2 both by hydrolysis of the corresponding acetates 3 or chloroacetates 4 and by esterification of the fluorohydrins 2 using vinyl acetate and vinyl chloroacetate, respectively [13].
  • [reaction: see text] Stereospecific 1,2-cis glycosylation of 2-O-vinyl thioglycosides, synthesized from the corresponding alcohols by Ir-catalyzed transvinylation with vinyl acetate, is achieved by iodine-mediated tethering of a range of primary and secondary carbohydrate acceptors, followed by intramolecular aglycon delivery (IAD) [14].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of vinyl acetate


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