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Cross-reactivity between the major Parietaria allergen and rotavirus VP4 protein.

BACKGROUND: The present study investigates immunological cross-reactivity between Par o 1, the major pollen allergen of Parietaria, and the VP4 protein of rotavirus, a microorganism that is world-wide the main etiological agent of gastroenteritis in children. METHODS: IgG and IgE cross-reactivity was assessed by direct binding and competitive inhibition assays (ELISA and DARIA), using recombinant VP4 from rhesus infectious rotavirus (RR), synthetic peptides and Par o 1-specific antibodies affinity purified from pooled and individual human sera. RESULTS: Antibodies specifically binding Par o 1, affinity purified from the sera of 35 individuals with skin test positivity to Parietaria and from 14 pools, were extensively cross-reactive with RRVP4. Cross-reactive binding was specifically inhibited by synthetic peptides derived from the C-terminal sequences of the VP4 proteins from human and rhesus infectious rotavirus. CONCLUSIONS: This study reports the first evidence of cross-reactivity between an allergen and a viral antigen.[1]


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