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Leukotactin-1-induced ERK activation is mediated via Gi/Go protein/PLC/PKC delta/Ras cascades in HOS cells.

Recently cloned leukotactin-1 (Lkn-1) that belongs to CC chemokine family has not been characterized. To understand the intracellular events following Lkn-1 binding to CCR1, we investigated the activities of signaling molecules in response to Lkn-1 in human osteogenic sarcoma cells expressing CCR1. Lkn-1-stimulated cells showed elevated phosphorylation of extracellular signal-related kinases (ERK1/2) with a distinct time course. ERK activation was peaked in 30 min and 12 h showing biphasic activation of ERK. Pertussis toxin, an inhibitor of G(i)/G(o) protein, and phospholipase C (PLC) inhibitor blocked Lkn-1- induced activation of ERK. Protein kinase C delta (PKC delta) specific inhibitor rottlerin inhibited ERK activation in Lkn-1-stimulated cells. The activities of PLC and PKC delta were also enhanced by Lkn-1 stimulation. Dominant negative Ras inhibited activation of ERK. Immediate early response genes such as c-fos and c-myc were induced by Lkn-1 stimulation. Lkn-1 affected the cell cycle progression by cyclin D(3) induction. These results suggest that Lkn-1 activates the ERK pathway by transducing the signal through G(i)/G(o) protein, PLC, PKC delta and Ras, and it may play a role for cell proliferation, differentiation, and regulation of gene expression for other cellular processes.[1]


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