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A case of malignant syndrome associated with a parkinsonism patient.

Malignant syndrome is usually triggered by an excessive use of neuroleptics and dehydration. In the patients with Parkinson's disease, it is sometimes provoked by discontinuation of anti-Parkinsonism agents. Nevertheless, there are few reports describing malignant syndrome in Parkinson's disease patients and no typical therapeutic strategy had been established in such cases. We recently experienced a case of malignant syndrome associated with a familial Parkinsonism patient, which was brought about by surgical invasion and a break in the administration of anti-Parkinsonism agents. Respiratory muscle paralysis, megacolon, and nocturnal delirium observed in this patient might have partially resulted from the use of dantrolene administered during the course of the treatment. Since an increase in the sensitivity to certain drugs is presumed in Parkinson's disease patients, we should be sufficiently cautious about drug administration. We should administer dantrolene, recognizing the fact that the use of dantrolene is one of the symptomatic treatments for muscle rigidity.[1]


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