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Influence of tiapride on platelet counts in healthy volunteers and patients with movement disorders.

BACKGROUND: The selective D2 antagonist tiapride is administered in various movement disorders. Furthermore, there are indications that tiapride increases platelet counts. AIM: To characterize tiapride's potential to increase platelet counts in healthy subjects and patients with movement disorders. METHODS: In Part A, 10 healthy volunteers received tiapride (300 mg/day) for 21 days in a longitudinal, prospective, open trial. One hundred healthy subjects served as controls. Part B was a retrospective analysis of 15 patients with movement disorders on tiapride [Huntington's disease (n=6), Morbus Little (n=3), hyperkinetic syndromes of undetermined etiology (n=3), blepharospasm (n=1), cervical dystonia (n=1), perioral dyskinesia (n=1)] and 15 age- and sex-matched controls. RESULTS: Part A: Although serum prolactin levels increased by 526+/-14%, confirming good drug compliance, tiapride elicited only minor changes in platelet counts. Part B: Platelet counts correlated positively with the dose of tiapride (100-800 mg/day; r=.67; P=.007). Platelet counts were significantly higher in patients on tiapride compared to healthy age-matched controls (P<.001). Four patients responded to an increase in the tiapride dosage with an increase in platelet count by 97-173 cells/nl. CONCLUSION: Three weeks of treatment with tiapride (300 mg/day) is insufficient to elevate platelet counts to a clinically relevant extent in young healthy volunteers. However, in elderly patients with movement disorders tiapride treatment is associated with markedly increased platelet counts.[1]


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