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Platelet Count

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Disease relevance of Platelet Count


Psychiatry related information on Platelet Count


High impact information on Platelet Count

  • CR3-expressing but not CR3-deficient mice exposed to cold rapidly decrease platelet counts [8].
  • The patients had to have a leukocyte count of at least 3000 per cubic millimeter, a platelet count of at least 100,000 per cubic millimeter, a serum creatinine level no higher than 2 mg per deciliter (177 micromol per liter), and adequate hepatic function [9].
  • RESULTS: In the 38 patients who received MGDF after chemotherapy, the median nadir platelet count was 188,000 per cubic millimeter (range, 68,000 to 373,000), as compared with 111,000 per cubic millimeter (range, 21,000 to 307,000) in 12 patients receiving placebo (P = 0.013) [10].
  • With the higher dose of azathioprine, four patients had myelosuppression, defined as a decrease in the leukocyte and platelet counts to less than 4000 and 150,000 per cubic millimeter, respectively [11].
  • The median platelet count at the start of 2-chlorodeoxyadenosine therapy in these 10 patients was 24,000 per cubic millimeter, as compared with 109,000 per cubic millimeter in the other 18 patients [12].

Chemical compound and disease context of Platelet Count


Biological context of Platelet Count


Anatomical context of Platelet Count

  • CONCLUSIONS: These results show that the magnitude of MGMT depletion by STZ in PBMC is in the range necessary to produce sensitivity to CENUs in resistant cell lines but also that, when BCNU is combined with STZ, the MTD of BCNU is about 50% that of BCNU as a single agent and that platelet count suppression occurs earlier [23].
  • Abnormal laboratory findings included a low lymphocyte count (nine patients), low platelet count, low serum sodium, and high aspartate aminostransferase concentration (each observed in five patients) [24].
  • The intention was to administer IFN as soon as stable engraftment after BMT was achieved (defined as an absolute neutrophil count of greater than 2.0 x 10(9)/L and platelet count greater than 100 x 10(9)/L for 5 consecutive days) and continued for 2 months [25].
  • The normalization of circulating platelet numbers in carboplatin plus MGDF-treated mice is accompanied by a normalization of megakaryocyte numbers in the bone marrow [26].
  • This treatment raised their platelet count and simultaneously decreased the ability of their granulocytes to phagocytize antibody-coated platelets and C3-coated paraffin oil droplets [27].

Associations of Platelet Count with chemical compounds

  • We also tested a representative subgroup of 387 patients for heparin-dependent IgG antibodies regardless of their platelet counts [28].
  • Eleven of 12 patients (92 percent) responded to prednisone with a mean threefold increase in the platelet count, resulting from increased platelet production (P less than 0.005); platelet survival was unchanged [29].
  • The presence of concomitant medical problems, a low platelet count, a high serum urea nitrogen concentration, and a low serum albumin concentration before biliary decompression were the other independent determinants of mortality in both groups [30].
  • The acute effects of intravenous somatostatin (0.8 micrograms per kilogram per minute for two hours) in previously untreated animals transiently decreased platelet count, reduced retention of platelets on glass-bead columns and inhibited aggregation induced by ADP, collagen and epinephrine [31].
  • Mean platelet survival was also significantly decreased in the HIV-infected patients with normal platelet counts (untreated, 162 +/- 23 hours, P < 0.01; zidovudine-treated, 166 +/- 35 hours, P < 0.05) [32].

Gene context of Platelet Count

  • An inverse correlation between activated VWF levels and platelet count was observed (R2 = 0.74; P < .003) [33].
  • No definitive association was found between the continuous high levels of G-CSF and infective episodes, the number of infused nucleated cells, monocytes, CFU-GM, or the number of days required to achieve greater than 0.5 x 10(9)/L granulocyte, greater than 1.0 x 10(9)/L leukocyte, or greater than 50 x 10(9)/L platelet counts [34].
  • Treatment of mice with purified recombinant Tpo increases platelet count fourfold and expands colony-forming unit-megakaryocyte (CFU-Meg) numbers [35].
  • Median peak platelet counts were, respectively, 511 x 10(9)/L (range, 384 to 694 x 10(9)/L) and 579 x 10(9)/L (range, 526 to 910 x 10(9)/L) in patients with tumors producing G-CSF and GM-CSF [36].
  • However, consistent with a potential role in vivo, when injected into mpl-/- mice, interleukin-6 (IL-6) and leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) retained the capacity to elevate megakaryocytes and their progenitors in hematopoietic tissues and increase circulating platelet numbers [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Platelet Count


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