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Iridium-192 implantation for T1 and T2a carcinoma of the tongue and floor of mouth: retrospective study of the results of treatment at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Carcinomas of the tongue and floor of mouth are relatively rare tumours, which may be treated using several modalities. We reviewed the results of iridium wire implants performed at the Royal Berkshire Hospital between 1994 and 2000. 24 patients had iridium wire implants as primary treatment for tongue and floor of mouth cancers. Four patients were treated after excision biopsy with close or involved margins. One patient was treated for a recurrence after surgery. The median age at treatment was 61 years. There were 18 men and 11 women. 21 patients had tumours of the tongue and eight of the floor of mouth. 13 had T1 tumours and 11 had T2a tumours. The median follow up was 42 months. The primary tumour was controlled in 22 of the 29 patients by the implant alone. Of the seven patients with local recurrence four were successfully salvaged with surgery. The acturarial 2 year survival rates were: overall survival 81%, disease specific survival 91%, local recurrence free survival 85% and nodal relapse free survival 76%. The recorded complication rate was low, one patient developing radionecrosis of the mandible at 7 years post implant. We believe these results show that brachytherapy remains a treatment option for patients with early tongue carcinoma with a high rate of local control and low toxicity.[1]


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