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Patients with AMD and a large absolute central scotoma can be trained successfully to use eccentric viewing, as demonstrated in a scanning laser ophthalmoscope.

Twenty patients with age-related macular degeneration, an absolute central scotoma and a mean visual acuity of 0.04 (20/475) were studied. A scanning laser ophthalmoscope (SLO) was used for microperimetry and determination of preferred retinal locus, often located to the left of the retinal lesion (corresponding to a location to the left of the visual field scotoma), which is considered unfavorable for reading. All 20 patients were trained to use a new and more favorable retinal locus for reading, above (or occasionally below) the retinal lesion (corresponding to a location below or above the visual field scotoma), first by reading scrolled text under simultaneous fixation monitoring and instruction in the SLO and then by reading printed text, using high magnification (mean 14.3x). For the 18 patients who learned to use eccentric viewing, reading speed with adequate magnification prior to training was 9.0+/-5.8 words/min. With training (mean 5.2 hours), it increased significantly (p<0.001) to 68.3+/-19.4 words per min. Training of eccentric reading has thus proved to be very successful.[1]


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