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The phase behaviour of skin lipid mixtures based on synthetic ceramides.

The lipid lamellae present in the outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum (SC), form the main barrier for diffusion of molecules across the skin. The main lipid classes in SC are cholesterol (CHOL), free fatty acids (FFA) and at least nine classes of ceramides (CER), referred to as CER1 to CER9. In the present study the phase behaviour of four synthetic CER, either single or mixed with CHOL or CHOL and FFA, has been studied using small and wide angle X-ray diffraction. The lipid mixtures showed complex phase behaviour with coexistence of several phases. The results further revealed that the presence of synthetic CER1 as well as a proper composition of the other CER in the mixture were crucial for the formation of a phase with a long periodicity, characteristic for SC lipid phase behaviour. Only a mixture containing synthetic CER1 and CER3, CHOL and FFA showed similar phase behaviour to that of SC.[1]


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