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Cloning and characterization of mCRIP2, a mouse LIM-only protein that interacts with PDZ domain IV of PTP-BL.

BACKGROUND: In the mouse submembranous protein tyrosine phosphatase PTP-BL five PDZ domains are present in between the N-terminal FERM domain, which directs the protein to the cell cortex, and the C-terminal catalytic phosphatase domain. To understand more on the physical role of PTP-BL in this microenvironment, we started to search for PTP-BL PDZ domain-interacting proteins. RESULTS: Yeast two-hybrid screening for PTP-BL targets resulted in the identification of a novel mouse LIM-only protein termed CRIP2 that is highly homologous to rat ESP1 and human CRP2 sequences. Mouse CRIP2 has a predicted molecular weight of 23 kD and consists of two LIM domains spaced by 68 amino acids. The fourth PDZ domain of PTP-BL is responsible for the binding of CRIP2 protein. Both PTP-BL and CRIP2 mRNAs display a wide, overlapping tissue distribution. Western blot analysis revealed a more restricted expression pattern for CRIP2 with high expression in lung, heart and brain. CRIP2 protein is localized at cell cortical, actin-rich structures, which is concurrent with the subcellular localization of PTP-BL. CONCLUSIONS: The observed characteristics of the LIM domain-containing adaptor protein CRIP2 are consistent with a potential role of PTP-BL in the dynamics of the cortical actin cytoskeleton.[1]


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